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The company creates and manages the brand value for the customer, creates the competitive brand marketing organization! As the leading exhibition industry chain service provider, it has become the standard of the industry,The exhibition 6 major advantages of business sector.


    The presentation is defined as an exhibition and demonstration activity aimed at communicating specific information by means of the best spatial relationship of the elements, people and fields.

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    The space design in the office, focusing on the creative design of the office, the advanced design conception, the reasonable budget quotation for the decoration, and the reference of the massive office decoration design case.

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    Shop overall image service, from brand positioning, brand planning to LOGO design / logo design, basic VI design, shop signboard design, decoration cost estimation.

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Choose Our Five Advantages

Do a good job of everything of the customer and stick to the promise of "reputation first, service first"

  • Cutting-edge creative team
    Cutting-edge creative team

    With high quality exhibition platform design team, art professional, advertising, decoration design professionals to meet the various booth layout needs.

  • Ten years of factory building experience
    Ten years of factory building experience

    Focus on the design and construction of the booth, to provide customers from the design, to maintenance and dismantling, a dragon service.

  • Real time supervision platform
    Real time supervision platform

    A customer from design to build the scene real-time tracking, allowing you to understand the overall situation of booth every detail.

  • Exquisite workmanship
    Exquisite workmanship

    Professional technical workers more than 40 people, 5000 square meters factory + lacquer room, to ensure that each exhibition is a boutique.

  • Customer first quality first
    Customer first quality first

    To build the future with the heart, the service is not only a smile and a promise, but also to make the brand more valuable and to make you different.

Our Team

A team of senior designers in the first tier cities, the three big threshold is strictly screened, and the service rate is 100%.

  • Design team
    Design team

    A good design concept is essential. It is not only the essence of the design, but also the work of the design.

  • The elite team
    The elite team

    We believe in an emotional showcase. The life of the "booth" is its beauty. This is for the customer.

  • Elite team
    Elite team

    Display design is an independent design profession which emphasizes the space environment and the form of props. It is a kind.

  • Home team
    Home team

    All the designs are based on the concept, and the details are designed around the function. Less is more, and the simplicity is.

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